The Area is a Motorcyclist's Mecca

We are a Motorcycle Friendly Motel

The Blue Ridge area is considered by some to be a motorcycle mecca, a place where Riding gets capitalized in sentences out of respect for the area’s curves and beautiful scenery. The Blue Ridge truly takes Riding to a whole new level.

Motorcycle rider beneath a tree.Alpen Acres Motel is just 1/4 mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway. As your travelling exit at milepost 291 as it crosses US Hwy 321 on the north side of the bridge near Blowing Rock. You’ll be able to ride right up to your room. ┬áTake off the next morning and continue to explore the Parkway or stick around for a few days and discover some other popular rides in the area.

Here are a couple of local favorites:

Look how easy it is to get here!